The start will be from the Island of Montisola, Sensole. It will be a crossing of 2.2 km to Sulzano, where T1 is located. You will experience the same StoneBrixiaMan adrenaline of the transport in the middle of the night by boat and the departure at  dawn.









The first part of the route will be the some of StoneBrixiaMan. You will go through Val Camonica up to Edolo (km 70), then go up to Aprica, then to Mortirolo pass, passing through Trivigno. You will then descend to Monno and face the last 15 km to reach T2 located in Ponte di Legno center.

2700 m D+






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The first part of the route shared with The Stone. At 14 km the crossroads: there will be no ascent to Valbione but you will continue directly to the refreshment point in the center of Ponte di Legno. Second part of the ascent to the Tonale pass still shared with The Stone. Arrival of APPROACH TO STONE at Passo del Tonale.

1250 m D+






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29 June 2024

The Stone

SWIM 3.8 KM + BIKE 175 KM + RUN 38.5 KM

The swim is 3.8 km. This is a real crossing in open water, from shore to shore of the lake.

With the bike, in 175 km, you cover the entire Val Camonica, warming up the passes of Aprica, Mortirolo (on the less demanding side) and the infamous Gavia pass.
Second Transition Zone in Ponte di Legno renowned tourist resort in the upper valley.The transition area is located in the very heart of the historic centre.

The race is a 38.5 km trail, almost entirely on dirt terrain, on the paths of the upper valley. You climb from the 1200 m of T2 up to the 2600 m of the arrival at Passo Paradiso, passing through the Tonale Pass checkpoint 8 km from the finish line, where there is the dreaded cut-off with the passage that must take place before 9.00pm.

Arrival at Passo Paradiso, at 2600 m, by midnight, for the most part it will be after sunset.

29 June 2024


NUOTO 2.2 KM + BICI 138 KM + CORSA 27 KM

This is a stage of approach to StoneBrixiaMan, a way to test the route and one’s abilities.

APPROACH TO STONE will start from Lake Iseo, travel along the entire Val Camonica, cross the center of Ponte di Legno and end at Passo del Tonale.

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