I declare that I, as well as my Support Team, have read and understood the APPROACH TO STONE Competition Regulations.

I confirm that I take part in the APPROACH TO STONE tender as a conscious choice, free from any obligation or conditioning. I undertake to respect the rules contained in the Race Regulations, as well as the provisions and indications provided by the Race Organizers and communicated during the pre-race briefing. I am aware that any violation of these regulations and provisions will result in disqualification from the APPROACH TO STONE race, with no refund of the entry fee.



I am aware that the APPROACH TO STONE competition is a sporting event for athletes united by a common passion for sport, in all its various aspects and values ​​such as health, socialisation, solidarity, nature, the environment, competition and fair play.

I am aware that the race course winds through courses located in important natural conservation and alpine areas, districts away from population centers that deserve the utmost respect.

In accordance with the ethics of APPROACH TO STONE I therefore undertake to:

– Respect myself and the other participating athletes by avoiding misleading or harmful behavior that could interfere with their performance before and after the race and throughout its duration and actively provide help to any athlete in difficulty, reporting any emergency and/or danger .

– Respect the people involved in the smooth running of the event such as volunteers, supporters and the public, maintaining a collaborative approach.

– Respect the surrounding environment, nature, flora and fauna avoiding any form of pollution and following only the route indicated by the Organizers, avoiding any detour or shortcut.



I am aware of the characteristics of the race, the course, the changes in altitude and the conditions of the roads and courses. I have read the race regulations and I know that I have to take part in all the mandatory briefings, where I will receive all the updates regarding the race

and/or the paths.

In light of the above, I declare that I am physically fit for the APPROACH TO STONE race, having sufficient and suitable preparation for this type of race.

The decision to participate in APPROACH TO STONE was made under my sole and personal responsibility.

My physical and mental fitness has been certified by a doctor and I am aware that the organizers cannot be held responsible for any errors or misrepresentations regarding this certificate.



I agree to take part in the APPROACH TO STONE race with adequate and safe equipment to face the characteristics of the race course.

I will be responsible for any damage caused by my equipment to myself, other people or objects.

I am personally and solely responsible for the equipment required for the race, as well as for its safekeeping. I understand that the Organizers will only carry bags with equipment strictly necessary for the transition zone and cannot be held responsible for any valuables contained in such bags (such as mobile phones, smartphones, watches, electronic devices, etc.) .



I am aware of the characteristics and conditions of the route, the overall height difference (over 6,000 metres) and the risks and dangers that the route may involve.

As regards the bike portion of the race, and partly also the running portion, I am aware that they will take place on roads where local traffic is not controlled, therefore I undertake to comply with all traffic regulations (Legislative Decree 285/1992 and further amendments and additions), and to pay due attention. Furthermore, the race will take place off-road and on mountain trails where conditions could be very unfavourable.

I take full responsibility for all risks related to falls, collisions with other athletes, vehicles, pedestrians or objects along the course, for which the Organizers cannot be held responsible.

It is my duty to know the competition field and the transition areas, which I accept as they have been conceived by the Organizers, also by participating in the briefings and asking local information. I agree to inform the Organizers immediately, in person or through my support team, of any danger or risk I may encounter along the route or in the transition areas.



I agree that my name, likeness and voice collected at any time before, during or after the APPROACH TO STONE race may be used by the Organizers. Their use could include the creation of promotional videos, image galleries, audio reproductions and any other promotion, advertising or material related to the event. I authorize the processing of my personal data in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/03.



I hereby exempt the Organizers from any liability for any consequences on my health and/or my personal effects or for any other damage that may result from taking part in this race, which I do under my sole responsibility and aware that I do not serious risks to my health and safety can be excluded, (including death) as a result of the efforts necessary to complete the race course or depending on the race course or weather conditions, or due to collisions and/or accidents.

I also release the Organizers from any liability for any damage suffered to persons and/or objects as a result of my participation in this competition and I undertake to reimburse or compensate the Organizers for any amount due as a result of any unintentional or malicious behavior (e.g. fines, penalties or damages), or in connection with any violation of law or regulation.



I agree in advance any medical check-up or treatment that may become necessary during the event with any medical expenses to be paid for by me, knowing that their cost is not included in the entry fees and that the organizers do not provide insurance coverage for medical treatments. I also accept the possibility of being stopped during the race by a doctor and/or an organizer or member of staff in case of presumed or potential risks to my health and safety.



I understand that the Organizers, based on their irrevocable judgment, may delay, modify or cancel the event, should they believe that the safety of the competition is compromised. This action may also be imposed by an authority, by force majeure or by any other reason beyond the responsibility of the Organizers, such as, for example, adverse weather conditions. In such cases, there will be no refund of the registration fee.



All communications, requests or complaints regarding the Organizers must be addressed to the following email address info@trioevents.it