• Wetsuit: it is mandatory to wear a wetsuit
  • Buoy: it is provided by the organization, with its lanyard; it will have to be tied at the waist; the warning light and the sticker with the bib number that you will receive when collecting the race pack must be applied to it.


  • Rear light mounted on the bike
  • GPS provided by the organization
  • Mobile phone charged and switched off
  • Homologated helmet
  • Front bike number
  • Pectoral visible from the rear


IMPORTANT: you have to bring with you the equipment for the whole running course

Since you will have to face a high altitude path (in the final stretch over 2000 meters above sea level), probably in the dark, and since the weather is always very variable, both the athlete and supporter must necessarily be provided for the whole run fraction of race, of the following equipment: 

  • Waterproof * and breathable** windbreaker (shell) with hood, suitable for bad weather conditions of mountains (GoreTex material is absolutely recommended)
    * minimum 10,000 mm of water column.
    ** RET less than 13
    – the jacket must have an integrated hood
    – the jacket must not have permeable parts
    Athletes can decide if the jacket complies with the rules and it can be suitable for bad weather in the mountains; in any case, in the event of checks, only the employees of the organization will be able to decide that.
  • Long-sleeved thermal shirt
  • Long pants
  • Thermal Hat or thermic Buff
  • Working Headlamp
  • Mobile phone, which guarantees autonomy of at least 15 hours.
  • GPS provided by the organization
  • Aluminum emergency blanket
  • Emergency whistle
  • Reusable cup (cups will not be given at RUN refreshment points)
  • Water reserve
  • Food reserve

ATTENTION: the light windproof bike jacket will NOT be considered suitable for the run

Two checks will be carried out on the mandatory equipment for the RUN course: 

  • On friday at race office when you collect the race pack
  • during the race at the beginning of the RUN course, in T2, in Pontedilegno

N.B. The athlete’s equipment can be carried by the supporter.

Further information on the equipment:

  • Disc brakes are allowed on bicycles
  • A complete change of bike clothing is recommended
  • The front bike light is recommended (there is a 400 m dark tunnel on the ascent to the Passo Gavia)
  • Bike gloves (recommended)
  • Thermal gloves for run fraction (recommended)