Friday June 28th 2024 – The day before the race

RACE PACK COLLECTION: the Race Office will be in Sulzano. It will be open from 12:30 pm to 16:30 pm in  Sulzano (BS) City Hall, via Cesare Battisti, 91. You will receive everything you need for the race: race pack, bib, bags, swimcap, numbers, chip, buoy with bright light etc.


BIKE CHECK-IN – T1: once you have collected your race pack, you can go to T1, next to the race office, to leave your bike and hand over your race bags. T1 will be open from 13.00 pm to 16.30 pm


MANDATORY EQUIPMENT CHECK: on Friday, upon registration, the backpacks that you will use in the run fraction will also be checked with all the MANDATORY equipment (see the dedicated section). A further material check, also for the supporters of  StoneBrixiaMan athletes, will take place during the race, in T2 in Ponte di Legno before the start of the run fraction. Any random checks can be carried out at any point along the route.


Upon registration you will find 2 colored bags and a sticker with your bib number to apply to your personal bag for the finish line.
You will have to deposit the   BAG 01 – T1    on Saturday morning at your bike place in the transition area and you will have to insert all the swimming material at the end of the fraction. The bag can be picked up by your accompanying team or, alternatively, the staff will take care of taking it for you at the end of the race.
In     BAG 04 – T2    you will have to put your changing stuff  between bike and run. You will find this bag directly in Ponte di Legno in Transition Zone 2 (T2).  This bag must be handed in at the bike check-in on Friday, in the transition area, by 6.00 pm.

If not managed by your companions, your personal post-arrival bag must also be delivered on Friday by 18.00.


BRIEFING: The detailed briefing will be sent by email the days before the race. We will also be holding an online Q&A during race week to dispel any final doubts.


Saturday June 29th 2024 – Race day 

The transition area T1 in Sulzano for APPROACH TO STONE will open at 3:30 pm and will close at 4:15 pm


At 4:30 am: there will be boarding on the boat that will take you to the starting point of the swimming fraction on Montisola. Boarding is a few meters from the transition area, at Sulzano Porto.


5:00 am – at the first light of dawn on Saturday July 1st, from Montisola, Sensole will start APPROACH TO STONE


The transition area T2 will be located in the historic center of Ponte di Legno, in piazza XXVII Settembre.



The refreshment points that you will meet along the route, both bike and run for the StoneBrixiaMan, will also be for the Approachers.
BIKE refreshment points:
BRENO (43 km)

At these refreshment points you will find fruit, salt, dried fruit, water, coca available.

For the RUN course you’ll find these refreshment points:
PONTE DI LEGNO – km 16.5
TONALINA – km 22

At these refreshment points you will find fruit, salt food, dried fruit, cakes, water, coca, tea. At  Ponte di Legno refreshment point you will also find savory foods (cheese, cold cuts, bread, crackers). Upon arrival at Passo del Tonale, hot tea and hot broth will also be available.



The Finish line of APPROACH TO STONE is at Passo del Tonale, at the check point where StoneBrixiaMan will have the infamous cut-off at 21.00 to be able to continue towards Passo Paradiso.
Upon arrival there will be:
• your post-arrival bags (if not managed by your support team)
• refreshment,
• changing room gazebos.

After the arrival, you can take the cable car to Passo Paradiso to cheer on and welcome StoneBrixiaMan Finishers: their arrivals will take place from approximately 17.00 until 24.00. The pasta party will be at the Passo Paradiso refuge.

In order to guarantee the safety of the athletes, there is a cut-off time for the swim fraction. Whoever finishes the swim fraction after this time will be stopped and will not be able to continue.

There is also a maximum time limit for the end of the race.