There is no supporter for APPROACH TO STONE. We strongly recommend having a companion who will give you logistical support, especially for transfers at the end of the race and for collecting the bike at the end.

In case you decide to have a support team, they must be communicated and registered with the organization.
The support team will have to follow these rules:


You will be able to have a support car.
It will absolutely not be possible to be accompanied during the bike fraction by other athletes or bike guides.
The same rules apply as for  StoneBrixiaMan (see the dedicated section).

Bike pick up

The support team will have to take care of collecting the athlete’s bike at the end of the T2 fraction in Ponte di Legno. In the case the bike is taken over by the organization, the collection can only take place on Sunday morning, from 9.30 at the school gym in Ponte di Legno.


the supporter is allowed to enter with the athlete in the transition zones T1 and T2
run with the athlete during the entire fraction of the race but cannot carry the athlete’s material
It is absolutely forbidden for the supporter to help his own athlete, e.g. pushing or pulling it during the race.
It is also mandatory for the supporter to have the same mandatory equipment, for the entire fraction of the race (see the specific section on Mandatory Equipment).