Stonebrixiaman is not just an extreme triathlon; it’s a journey that tests the body, mind, and spirit, a voyage that begins with the first heartbeat before plunging into the water at Sulzano and only concludes when, surpassing every limit, one reaches Passo Paradiso. This moment, when one reaches the pinnacle of their existence, marks an indelible before and after in the life of every participant. They are no longer the same person as before; they become “Stone Man,” a symbol of immeasurable strength and determination that nothing can shake.

The change to the name The Stone symbolizes a rebirth of this spirit of challenge: it is a Longlife Emotion because it is not fleeting, but a deep and enduring feeling, etched in rock, sealed in the heart, and for some, indelibly marked on the skin. It is a lasting memory of the arduous journey undertaken, a living testament to one’s own evolution.
The Stone invites each individual to explore their capabilities in a journey of discovery aimed at transformation as strong as a rock.