The itinerary, closed since last summer, is finally accessible again. The first traffic ban was imposed for some Enel work, but it was extended after a terrible accident.

Finally, the road has reopened from both sides: from Pisogne and from Vello di Marone. Initially, only a few kilometers were accessible in the municipality of Pisogne, while in Marone the paving work had yet to be completed. The stretch overlooking Lake Iseo, considered one of the most beautiful in Lombardy, is once again accessible to cyclists and pedestrians, who can also use the route between Toline and Pisogne, even if it is not completely finished. The railway line had reopened at Easter.

The cycle-pedestrian path required a bit more time, but now everything is safe. The road has been divided: cyclists will ride on one side, and pedestrians will walk on the other, to avoid collisions and accidents. From the Vello-Toline road, it is possible to enjoy wonderful landscapes, particularly those of the Bergamasque shore, as well as rocks so vertical that they hide the path, giving the impression of being suspended over the Sebino.