The departure is set at 4 am, on the other side of the lake, in the town of Tavernola Bergamasca. Athletes will be carried at the starting line by boat.

The course is a straight line that crosses the lake. The point of exit from the water is signaled by a powerful lighthouse to the sky oriented. Sulzano church may also be used as a conspicuous reference point. 

A beginning of undoubted charm, all together but only with their emotions that only a challenge like Stone Brixia Man can give.




A long journey of 175 km that crosses the whole Camonica valley, with a positive difference in altitude of 4100 m. You arrive in the town of Edolo after 75 km to face the first of the three passes: the Aprica pass, at 1.176 m of altitude. The ascent then continues to reach the legendary Mortirolo pass at 1,852 m.
The steep descent of this mythical pass, brings to the valley, up to the small town of Monno, and then traced back gently towards Ponte di Legno. Passage in the historic center of Ponte di Legno (km 140 – 1,200 m asl) with a refreshment point and first crowd bath. Here begins the attack on the legendary Gavia pass with its 2,621 m high. Turning point at the top of Gavia and then last descent to get to the transition area, located in the center of Ponte di Legno, piazza XXVII Settembre.





The Stone BIKE (GPX) The Stone BIKE




TRAIL route on unpaved terrain of 38.5 km on the paths of the upper Valle Camonica. You will climb from 1200 m of T2, in the historic center of Pontedilegno up to 2600 m of arrival at Passo Paradiso.
The first 20 km are designed on a very rough path, not to be underestimated, near Ponte di Legno and the valley floor: you touch the small village of Zoanno, Precasaglio and Villadalegno; then you go on to the opposite side of the valley crossing the center of Temù, go up to Valbione (1,500m altitude) and go back down to Pontedilegno for a well-deserved second break in the crowds and for refreshments in the middle of the course (20km).
This is the best point where the support teams will be able to join the athletes and continue with them for the second part of the route.
The last bumps of the day now begin: going up the ski slope, you reach Passo del Tonale, at 1,880m, where the Base Vita – T3 (km 31) is located with the infamous CUT-OFF at 9.00 pm
Once you have passed the Tonale cut-off, “the doors to Paradise” will open; a very last effort for the final 7 km, and 800 m in altitude, on a high mountain path, through the Presena valley, to then reach the coveted finish line at 2,600 m of Passo Paradiso.



The Stone RUN (KLM and GPX) The Stone RUN